Paper Jazz Festival : March 4th 2017 by Aurora Diaz


Formerly Paper Jam, Paper Jazz is a spanking new version of silent barns infamous zine fest. We did this fest last year and it was awesome! This year, paper jazz asked the bettys to do a special curation in collaboration. we accepted! we're happy to see in a rut comics, lili emitiaz, la chamba press and arti gollapudi do their thing at paper jazz, don't miss it!    

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ART CRUSH: PHILLY. by Aurora Diaz



I know! its been awhile. Its been so hard to manage with the political climate right now. I feel hit by every side and defeated but I know i still got the fight in me to keep going. I think thats why everyones so angry. but, We have will and we will get through this together!  We return to the city of sisterly love this weekend for a special valentines day esque event Art Crush. Including a talk and presentation by me! Ill be talking about my personal experiences starting the bettys including insight like the benefits of zine making, artivism, sexism in the art world etc! come join us, we want to meet y'all and have fun <3 <3 <3

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