Theodore Valentino Pt.2

Scan_20150205 (2)Like I said before, I wanted to show you guys all sorts of cool stuff from making the zine in the next few weeks. I always have this sort of weird gut feeling that I am insanely misunderstood. So I spend most of my life, explaining myself, whether it is with fists, Spanish or English.

The pictures above are a now defunct idea from the Aurora mental corp. I wanted the insert pages of the cover to be vintage photos of couples.  I found these photos on a casual random vintage spot lurk with Brett, Chris, and I in Williamsburg. At first, I thought this idea was going to be a ton of fun. But it got creepy, real quick. After a good 40 minutes of sifting through people's European vacations and male camel toe's I ended up with four pictures. I lost one, but these are the rest. I definitely felt like I had  to share. Peep homegirls Robe in the 3rd picture on the bottom. So beautiful. There was writing on the back as well.

Scan_20150205 (3)