Theodore Valentino. Pt. 1

  Jesus, where the fuck have I been? It's been an insane two months of planning, ideas coming through and watching a lot of 'Golden Girl's' reruns.  After the banger happened, I wanted to work on our first zine. I came up with the idea three days before the banger, in which I ambitiously told myself,  "I'll work on it after the banger and also do the site at the same time", LOL,  I was goddamn wrong. Zine's are a ton of fun though. They really are, you can do whatever the hell you want with a zine. Which opened an array of ideas of how we, The Bettys, want to express ourselves. We are definitely making a billion more after our first one.Scan_20150129 (6)

When it came to the Bettys, for our first zine, I wanted to do something fun, and something really different but that obviously appeals to our aesthetic.  So I went deep into my brain with the help of a few blunts and Little Richard songs and came up with Theodore Valentino.

Theodore Valentino is our first zine's title. It's a Valentine's Day zine. YES! Evil, wretched Valentine's day! The holiday to scare the living shit out of you and make you eat tons of chocolate no matter how wifed up or single you are. I wanted to do a zine about Valentine's Day that was sort of Anti- Valentine's Day. Let me explain, I am over woman being so fussy and negative about Valentine's Day. It's something we were basically forced to hate because we're not receiving some luxury car or a terrible charm bracelet. Theodore Valentino is the total opposite of that agenda. I dedicated it to my bear my brother gave me when I was born, Dr Ted.  That is where the Theodore comes from in the title. Valentino is just a poke fun way of giving Dr.Ted the notion of a modern cupid. The zine is about having fun , and making things less worse than you think they are.  The zine is super colorful as I used the same cut and paste technique (because I am terrible at Adobe) that I use on the site, and is 14 pages. There will only be 80 made of Theodore Valentino, so make sure you grab a copy of this baby. It includes lots of cool stuff in which I will be announcing within the next few weeks. Look out for the bettys site to completely revamp as well before the zine release that will also include our store.


Scan_20150129 (5)

We are also having a release party for the zine in NYC on Valentine's Day, if you are interested in hanging, hit us up on twitter @thebettysnyc and we'll send you an invite, as it is rsvp only.


p.s. aren't these Valentine cards CUTE? They were supposed to the filler pages for the zine, but ended up being  cut in the creative process. They will now be included with each purchase until supplies last. <3