The Bettys

I should explain myself right? why this site is called the Bettys, how that even happened and what the hell is a Betty. I should start off with how I came about the name, Betty. One night, two summers ago, I was high on my couch watching TCM. I went into a sour diesel coma in which I woke up a few hours later to this D Rated film from the late 1950s early 1960s. The scene, took place on a beach with these dreamy, tanned, surfer boys. The surfers spotted a crew of girls hanging out, suntanning, eating burgers and drinking soda. The boys started surrounding the girls, like a pack of hungry wolves, of course. The girls had wit, confidence at an emoji 100, were drop dead gorgeous and paid zero attention to the surfers. So naturally, the boys were completely hypnotized. Next scene, the boys are at the food truck and one of the boys said 'why don't we invite the Bettys over there to the beach party tonight?'. After this scene I became obsessed with the idea of a 'Betty'. To me, a Betty was the ultimate girl I always wanted to be.

A Betty is a homegirl with brains and beauty. She's happy of who she is, and who's she's becoming. She's confident, loves to have fun and takes pride in her craft, whatever it is. She doesn't need anyone to be happy, maybe her cat or her secret shrine of 1998 Justin Timberlake. ( We all have one, right? )

The Betty's consists of any girl who incorporates any little piece on this site from the start to the end of . This is why it's a female collective.We're here to celebrate our friends crafts and minds. We have really strong feminist values, as our heroes range from our Abuelas to Angela Davis to Kathleen Hannah to the lady serving us a pint of Clan Macgregor. We take pride in what road these women have paved for us. As we celebrate them as well. The word feminist has a such a spectrum of meanings now, and personally, I get lost myself. That is why I want to keep the Bettys as a celebration of the brain of a Woman. We want to know, cheer and love who you are as a woman.

Ironically, the aesthetic of the Betty's is a 50s girl gang. I say ironically because during that era owning a vagina was taboo. Yet, if you see any corny movie from the 50s with a girl gang or a bunch of Bettys, those bitches would tear you apart with just their confidence and their big hair. Naturally, we had to grab to that concept and make it ours.