Tell Betty.

Tell Betty is the original concept of the Bettys before the Bettys was the Bettys. Get it? Originally, I wanted to create an anonymous advice site based on stories from the Tri state area. I wanted to use guerrilla marketing and write/paste/sticker the shit out of bars in the area. You know that girl in the bathroom crying her eye balls out for God knows what reason? I wanted her to basically look up and see a sticker for tell betty and text /email / call us for advice. The concept itself is super bizarre but I thought it would be a shitload of fun. This is the original idea I told Julius about. After my conversation, I told my then boyfriend about it, but then I told 400 other people about it. Then I realized that my big mouth would never be able to accomplish this anonymous project. I don't know how the hell Banksy does it.

While on the drawing board, I wanted to keep Tell Betty there as one of the categories because you never loose sight of your original idea. #tellbetty Tuesdays is a where we collect writings, story's, and experiences from our girls. How we want it to work is, we want throw a theme or idea, in which you are able to express yourself.We want to hear your REAL stories, which may or may not be the dumbest or best idea we've ever had.