Someone stole the flamingo I bought for Christina.

If you know me, then you have probably met me through partying. Partying is my religion hobby. I have been partying since the moment I knew I could jump about 7 ft down from my window and not die. Partying in the tri-state area is like no other on planet Earth. I have not partied everywhere on the planet, but it sure is unique from what the random drunk foreign girls tell me on the bathroom line. I probably have gone through it all while partying, too. I've done the cat fights, dance off's and the usual, rescuing a home girl from some creep. I take partying just a good getaway from all the bullshit. It is sad that media, and half of the galaxy think that if a woman parties too much, well she doesn't respect herself and is waiting for the next loser to sweep her off her feet for the night. I can attest that this is completely un fucking true. As a latinx (Salvadorean), celebrating on the weekends after a long week of bullshit is not a big deal, it is actually healthy. To spend some time with your girls, watch a home girl tell off a creep, dress cute, dance and just get the fuck out of whatever the rest of your life consists of for at least four hours. I totally get it, and It's cool to be able to throw my own parties now. I honestly do find it fun (sort of stressful), but it gets better every single time. I want to create a time where my girls (all girls) and I are comfortable. Fun themes, and shit that we like, since, after all this is a girl gang, and it is a girl's world on

Thanks for coming.

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