okay so, growing up as a piece of shit teenager in the tri state "bangers" were house parties. An old fashion house party where we all dressed up and brought our own BYOB and then get so obliterated we forgot to take the last train home so the next day the boys and I would walk into a bodega smelling like vomit and cigarettes. I loved those days. Its why I even began throwing #bettybangers because I learned a thing or two about partying in those days. I've never thrown one in a house tho, until now! Im announcing it a little short of time because of house party etiquette but it's still gonna pop the fuck off. Our first #bettybanger in Philly will be at the Friendzone in Fishtown, Philly. If you'd like the address you can add the event via Facebook.  (we'll release it day of) The theme is rich bitch: think joan collins, anna nicole smith, caviar, and a lot of fake pearls from rainbow. Let's pah-ty dahling! Bring some cash for the house + the bettys!