Momma Betty's Diary

I should start off and say I am not a mother. I have not gone through the misery and delight of pregnancy or have a curly haired kid running around my house . The title came from a conversation at the very beginning of the Bettys...and it just stuck. The title, for me, is endearing and was given to me by Julius over a drink at a shithole bar in the Lower East Side. It was during an extremely difficult time for me, mentally and physically. As I drained my sorrows over a glass of cheap whiskey I told her about my concept for tell betty. She highly encouraged it and said 'you can be the mother of this, you're like....out there, you know?'. I knew she meant I was batshit crazy enough to pull it off , and I'm glad she was the first one to believe in me and the Bettys. The nickname stuck, and all the girls call me Momma Betty now. I take pride in it because I think a mother is one of the most powerful, if not the only, powerful being in the world. Even in the animal kingdom, mothers rule supreme. (Refer to lioness')

When coming up with the concept of the categories, I brainstormed a few times with Janine but one thing I wanted to have was my own day, pretentious, I know, but I wanted to have the freedom I was/am giving to all the other ladies. My day is Thursday, and you're actually reading it now. This is my diary, a sneak peak into my thoughts and life.

For my diary, there is a few sub categories. First, my photo diary, in which is filled of nights or days with the people that keep me afloat and happy, my friends. I should mention that I am completely computer stupid and have no graphic design ability under my belt other than ♥ so I make the diaries by hand, with scrapbooking paper and decorate them with my really insane (close to hoarding) sticker collection I've collected for the past 20 years. They've come a long way since I started (as you can see) and Its now become a therapeutic thing.

Second, I write about my reflections. I am a thinker, a huge one, I can ponder for months if I could. I love to learn and I love when I understand an idea. I write about my findings all the time, whether I realized how much I adore Iggy Pop to why I shouldn't have punched that girl in the face. I don't introduce anyone or explain lots of things on here. I shouldn't and I don't have too, you, are just getting a little piece of my current mentality, and I shouldn't have to try to impress you or even think about what you think.

#MommaBettysDiary is basically a documentary on my growth, and the growth of this site. I feel, like this is super important for all the girls who want to incorporate or have incorporated something for the Bettys. I don't want to come off as some broad who thinks she knows what it takes to be a woman, I made this site so I can learn as well about different cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles as well. Like I previously said, I love to learn and I love to open my mind.

Yes, I am the leader of this 'girl gang', but that's probably because I am a huge punch to the nutsack crazy and won't stop at anything until our message is clear. In the past 9 months, I have scraped the Bettys and gone back to the drawing board four times. I knew that I could make this better, and so in my insanity, I would dump writings, ideas, even people who didn't have their heart in it. I am passionate about this project because I truly believe in the talent of the girls that add their little sugar and spice to this site. I always like to keep in mind that only 100 years ago, if a woman could draw, or take a picture, no one gave a shit. We've come a long way since that. We should always take full advantage of it. It's a gift, given by our sisters.