Love Letters: Mariah Carey

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Trying something new with my diary. Here is my op-ed series named "love letters". It'll be about the things I love and why I love them and why you should love them and love, love, love. Including collage's made by muah .  

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I should start off by saying: I am an ex-Mariah Carey hater. It all started when I was about 12-13 years old, and my Catholic conservative parents let me go out to the movies by myself and my friends. We could only get 'Glitter' tickets because it was the only one not sold out. The entire experience was agonizing of course, and I didn't ask my parents to leave the house for a few months after that.

I wasn't the only one on planet Earth that was on a Mariah Carey hater train after 'Glitter'. It seemed like everything she did was completely mocked. By her outfits and ridiculously lavish life (remember her 'Cribs' episode?). To other really personal things, including her weight and shitty boyfriends/husbands. I, of course, ate it all up. I love celebrity gossip. It's an American past time, and I am sure as fuck am addicted to celebrity haterade.

Fast-forward to January 2015, I was high, as usual, making the play list for the zine release 90s party. By 2am, I realized I shoved a Mariah Carey song in there, 'Heartbreaker'; I believe. I also, subconsciously, added, 'Fantasy', 'Honey', 'Always Be My Baby'. At that moment, I realized. I had completely forgotten what the point of Mariah Carey even was all these years because the Mariah Carey Hater Cult had been brainwashing me, Scientology style.

After the zine the release, I went into a severe Mariah Carey binge for the next eight weeks and wrote about her all the time. She's undeniably incredible. There is not many female singers that are considered icons.Mariah definitely is, and as women we have to completely celebrate the national treasure that is  Mariah Carey. I felt free when I realized how much I love Mariah Carey. I sang her songs all the time, blasted 'Fantasy' like it was the last day of Earth. I even did that thing she does when she twirls her pitches with her finger and closes her eyes. I also even considered a butterfly tramp stamp circa 2000 for .002 seconds.

Isn't it weird how the media loves to shit on a woman much quicker than a man? We have been taught to trigger an impulsive slew of negative judgment towards women of celebrity status because of physical and mental expectations. Which in all honesty, is a pile of shit. We can't expect human beings with struggles like you and me and expect them to act completely normal because your self entitlement believes they owe it to you.

Granted, there are a lot of talentless hacks out there. Mariah is incredibly far from that. She's achieved a fuck ton in her entire, ongoing, career. She's also super cool and pumps only the finest champagne through her glitter filled veins.

My life goals now include: drinking champagne til dawn, own a butterfly garden, and more bubble baths. I <3 U Mariah.