Tough Mary

Im so happy to finally announce this. Our new zine is in full motion and now we can tell you details about our new venture. 


Tough Mary journal is our new bi yearly visual zine featuring artists from around the world revolving a theme. It's our improved version of our other zines including keeping our values of maintaining a special curation of visual artists from all walks of life. One of our primary goals of this zine is pay for all artists submissions. In a world of rip offs and ghosting, we believe in the integrity and hard work an artist puts on the line when creating. We hope to lead by example and pay for artists work even if it may seem small to what corporations could be paying. We hope to work our way up and change the game.


The theme derives from the original idea of The Bettys. Originally, The Bettys was supposed to be an advice hot/textline serving the tri state area. A drunk idea that than became an art collective when I realized that that drunk idea was just that. The name The Bettys, came from a midnight stoners daze where I woke up after a munchies nap with Turner Classic Movies was on. The movie was from the early 1960s and the narrative was about a bunch of cool and sexy malibu surfers are chilling on the beach when they see a group of girls hanging out. The guys went up to them  to ignored, snuffed, totally uninterested. The guys became fascinated by them and kept calling them bettys. Hence the birth of the name The Bettys. The women, beautiful and confident were interested in their crew of girls and I loved the idea  of this type of rebellion coming out of this era. The name stuck and now we're here today. Tough Mary's first theme will be #girlgang, a last ode to this original idea. I want to move on with our zines and create special visual theme experiences of art but would love one last celebration first. 

Anyone who embraces and finds in femininity can submit to Tough Mary. as always, QPOC, WOC, and Trans, to the front.


I am currently in search of:

Collage Work

Computer Graphic Work




Send all your pitches here: deadline for pitches

We appreciate all the support, all our merch generates our funding for the project but we always love donations as a push to have more artists and improve the bettys. You can click through our venmo graphic for direct link



Mucho Mucho Mucho Amor,

Aurora Diaz