#CTGRLz , my biggest betty project yet is now molding into something. So I'll announce it now, 3 and half months before. CTGRLZ is the last and final installment of my introductory phase that I wanted to do for the site. It's also an introduction to us being the artisan art business we wish to make this baby girl into. The worst part about the Bettys is that it's run by a 25-year-old with medusa hair right in the peak of her growth, mentally and creatively. This 25 year old had no idea that growing up was this hard, or that she was creatively enough to become an artist, so, for the past 4 months, she has become more indulged in becoming a better person, as well as a better business woman. With that happening, the Bettys slowed down. Not because it is not a main focus, it is because I want complete focus, and the only way I can do this is with complete diligence. The concept of getting shit done is an art. You have to find a medium, and it is seriously not for anybody. I didn't think I would get this far. Alas, I am here and I'll keep going until I can't anymore.

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#CTGRLz is the last two categories of the Bettys, #bettygallery #bettyography, all together in a soon to be announced space in Brooklyn. It will have a collection of, (already 12)30-50 pieces, of original photography and art made by a huge spectrum of chill ass girls. The theme is obviously, city girls. The idea came from being inspired by my mother's struggle coming here to the United States, alone. In pop culture, the idea of a city girl is completely misconstrued. If only I could taxi it everywhere, not get sexually harassed and eat brunch every single day. I want to have a collection of girls of different parts of life expressing their idea of what they think is a city girl. I want to include super important subjects, like body positivity, girl power, racism, sexism, and sexuality etc. One of the most important things here at the Bettys, is keeping in mind what we still challenge as women, but also, live life at our fullest. I feel like the best thing I learned from my mother is that, when you're a woman, independence is difficult. Yet, it doesn't mean it is not possible. It just means that it is a pretty long road full of rich old white men trying to rule your world.

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We are still looking for girls. I am so happy with everything so far and as always, we're happy you're here with us. We don't care if you're from another part of the world, we want to know what you genuinely think a city girl is. We are currently looking for painters and collage artist to add into the mix. AURORA@THEBETTYS.COM AURORA@THEBETTYS.COM AURORA@THEBETTYS.COM AURORA@THEBETTYS.COM

I can't wait to hear from y'all.