City Girlz Q&A

betty facebook flyer-02 Curating City Girlz has been really amazing. I wanted to pick a variety of women who take their art passionately whether they do their art for a profession or as a hobby. Every artist adds a touch to the show that is completely different from each other. From photography, painting, to collages, City Girlz will provide a distinctive perspective of what a city girl is. For the Bettys, diversity is extremely important to us. It's the idea of learning and embracing the people who surround us and not reject the unknown. I wanted City Girlz to be informative and fun and also a piece of what goes on in the (female) artists mind. Im so proud of all the women who are in this show. They have created pieces that are absolutely incredible, and I am super excited for everyone to see.


What is a "City Girl'? 

When I first came up with the theme, I wanted to break the stigma about the girl in the city who has everything at her disposal.  You know the girl, the one with the sick apartment that takes a cab everywhere. I wanted to create understanding about the hardships of seeking independence or what we embrace while seeking independence, in real life. City Girlz is an expose of what it is like to be a woman thriving for the best for herself, and no one else.


Who is in City Girlz? 

20, Amazing, Talented, Women.

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Would the art be on sale? 

YES, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ART SCENE! All our pieces in the show are on sale. You'll be able to see the pieces before the show on our Instagram @thebettyz and you could contact us at if you are interested in purchasing any pieces.


Where will City Girlz take place? 

City Girlz will take place August 22nd 2015 at 17 frost st. gallery in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Hours are 6-10 pm. We cannot wait to see you there!


The show is sponsored by Mamita Ice's, Reed's Ginger Beer, And River Horse Beer.


We are also having an after party, at baby's all right from 10- late. We'll be dancing all night.

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