Bodega Flower: Dollar Mami Series

I have been working on  my #BODEGAFLOWER zine for quite  a few months now. It's been one of those projects I feel too passionate about so I usually go through an entire life altering thought process before I continue working on it. Which is probably why I have been very private about it, but fuck that now. I am ready to put it out in the world, y'all. I'll be putting up my visuals from the zine throughout well, whenever I think its ready to print. 

Bodega Flower is a zine about self exploration and embracing my roots. I have never been so in touch with my family, past and myself until I started creating this zine. My experience as a 1st gen Salvi - American is a really surreal story the more I think about it. I explore social and economic struggles I watched growing up in both countries. This visual series is named Dollar Mami. Anyone who knows me knows I adore 99 cents stores. Actually, If it wasn't for the 99 cents store, the bettys would have barely survived, I mean, where else am I going to cop props with the 2 dollars I have left from my daily commute? It is important to understand the commodity that is the  99 cent store and how it plays an extremely important role in urban and immigrant communities as the cost of living grows. All the contents in the these collages are all from 99 cents store. I dug deep into dozens of dusty aisles to find props that embrace a ultra femme aesthetic full of shades of pinks and "girly things".

These 3 pieces will be showing at venusfest this saturday. Come by and say Hi and see them up and close!

Bodega Flower: Dollar Mami Series


Mother Rose

"Bling Bling"

"Vanity Boo"