#betty banger

The banger, it happened, finally. Originally the banger was supposed to be at my crib ages ago with just a few people. Summer came and went and I decided I had to take it another notch because Betty is my baby. The banger was for my friends. The people who have supported since day 1, the people who got hit up late at night with my messages of ideas and progress, the people that would get emotional and wish me the best during a drunken stupor. I wanted it to be a celebration. I wanted it to be an introduction. An intro to me, my girls, and my insanely talented friends, who are the blood of this project.

It was a success to say the least, but I'm exhausted. I don't even want to think about it anymore. The moment I hit that joint that Lawrence rolled up at the end of the night, it was over, but it wasn't. This is just a small taste or small piece of candy from the big jar of candy we want to give y'all or of what's to come. The beginning of probably the best idea I ever had or the fucking worst.