THE BETTYS IS AN ART COLLECTIVE HAILING FROM THE NYC TRI STATE AREA ESTABLISHED IN 2014 BY 1ST GENERATION SALVADORAN-AMERICAN, AURORA DIAZ. SINCE ITS INCEPTION, THE BETTYS HAS DEVELOPED AS A PLATFORM AND CELEBRATION FOR UNDERREPRESENTED ARTISTS THROUGH DISTRIBUTION IN PRINT, ONLINE, AND IN REAL LIFE. SINCE OUR BEGINNING, WE HAVE COLLABORATED WITH OVER 250+ CREATIVES FROM AROUND THE WORLD AND COUNTING. OUR ZINE AND PROJECT HAS BEEN HIGHLY Aclaimed and archived BY INSTITUTIONS AND LIBRARIES INCLUDING Thomas j. watson library at the metropolitan museum of art, the special collections and university archives at rutgers university, John M Flaxman library at SAIC Chicago Plus many more. Our project, especially our zines, are a piece of freedom and community in an era where our identity is an enemy of the state. we here at the bettys highly advocate the freedom of having fun, being happy, feeling safe and being able to pursue your dreams as an artist.