the Bettys is an art collective hailing from the NYC tri state area. Established in 2014 by Salvadoran-american, Aurora Diaz. The Bettys has become a celebration + platform for underrepresented artists in various spaces in real life, online, and in print. the bettys consists of various chapters under our "Betty" branding umbrella. Our project consists of a spectrum of do it your self practices, radical inclusivity, community, and fun. there are various ways everyone can either participate or support the bettys. Here is a breakdown of our project:



Zines are the cornerstone of our project. Through zines, we were able to find artistic freedom as well as community. we have produced over 8 zines and counting. we have two working zine projects at the moment including our betty produced zines and our distribution chapter, #bettydistro

How our betty zines work: Usually, we do zines on a rolling basis depending on our current funding. but here is a short breakdown on how you can be in our zines

1. Check out Collabs or follow us on Instagram for open calls. We do zines on a rolling basis according to funding. we do very broad visual themes that can be interpreted to the artists liking. 

2. send over a pitch of a visual pieces you'd like to create or submit to we do not accept already published works. we accept any visual medium that can be put in print. 

3. we will contact you if your submission fits as well as our current pay rates and submission quota. These vary according to our funding.


4. our betty zines are printed in two separate editions. Our first edition is of 25 and is 8.5 x 11 inches, full color. Our 2nd edition is of 125, and is 6x9 inches, full color. We retire our zines after 2nd edition. our zines are proudly printed at remco press.



#bettydistro  is our distribution chapter of our project. Our distro is a curation of zines from the artists we work with + artists we meet while vending. We only distribute #bettydistro while vending and every vending date will have a different set of zines.

  There are two ways to submit to our distro:

1. You can submit your zine through this google doc. We curate #bettydistro on a rolling basis.  we will contact you if we see fit. all submissions expire after 6 months. 

2. we also buy off zine stocks from events we vend from all sorts of different non male artists if  you'd like to contact in advance to see if we'd be interested before the vending date  please email us instead 

3. we only do limited edition of 3-10 copies of each zine. We also only do wholesale, sorry no consignments.




We have curated/collaborated/produced over 35 events and growing  in the last few years. We also vend, do workshops, and do panels as well. don't forget to check out where we're at next on our events page.


Betty Produced Events:

Since the beginning we have done all sorts of events from our classic #bettybanger to #bettyzinefest . We are constantly thinking for new ways to collaborate and come together. We have produced art markets, art shows, dance parties as well as workshops and talks and panels like our #artcrush series. We always try to have a few events planned on queue at all times. If you'd like to an event with us please fill out this form and we'll get back to you if the stars align.


Vending + Appearances:

The Bettys is constantly vending around the east coast/ U.S.A. doing zinefest/art markets/ etc as well as talks. This has helped our project expand in some of our favorite cities like Richmond, VA, Chicago IL, Philadelphia, PA and more. If your institution or project would like to work with us please email and we'll contact you if the stars align <3


How to support the Bettys:


We are an independently run project by a QWOC, we face a lot of challenges of discrimination, racism, and sexism with creating our project but still have pulled through and created a community for underrepresented artists. If you believe in independent media that keeps finances within their community, support us in one of these five ways:


1. buy our merch, our merch is limited edition by artists we work with and all funding goes right into the project.

2. come to our events. We started funding our project through events originally and has been one of our primary models, your support in our spaces is essential for our project. Not only are you supporting us but you're also supporting the numerous of underrepresented artists that work/show with us.

3. Donate to us.


4. Venmo Us.

5. grab something from our Amazon Wishlist. On our wishlist, we cover all things needed for our event planning as well as paper works and photo shoot props and other  other essentials for our project.